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Who we are

Trustworthy, Innovation, Creativity, Security, Professionalism

Our company Fosetico has many years of experience in providing innovative web solutions and products, now can offer to you and your business the best and most professional way to enter and succeed in the world's biggest market. We can design and create your online presence, which will offer to your business the chance to grow fast and secure in Internet.

With the best team, with vision, eager to offer cool solutions, and innovative ideas we promise to build your web presence in a professional and correct way. Our team consists specialists (analysts, marketing, programmers, designers, business consultants etc) which can help your business move to the next level. Every member of our team has a career with a series of publications and project development and fulfillment.

Our company participated in European programs as consultant or as development partner. We have great experience regarding government projects and we have organized lot of training seminars for promoting business in Internet.