4 Benefits of a B2B eCommerce Website and the Current Trends to Help you Make it Stand out
on OCT 18 2019, 10:30 A.M
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It is a different business world out there. Just a few decades ago, eBay’s online bidding platform was the biggest thing about online eCommerce and Amazon was still just a glorified online bookstore. How things have changed since then.

Amazon is now one of the biggest – if not the biggest – online retail stores, not only in the US but the entire globe. Because of the success of these online retail companies, businesses of all sizes have adopted the practice. You have big companies like Apple leveraging their online presence through iTunes. Even American retail giant Wal-Mart has taken a piece of the action and is actually one of the companies with the highest revenue gained from online selling. You also get new concepts like online coupons or daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social.

And it is really not a big surprise that B2B companies have also adopted the concept of eCommerce. After all, the benefits you get from leveraging B2B eCommerce websites are just too appealing to let pass. Some of these benefits include:

A wider reach without the inflating costs – The rise of the Internet cloud has given us a real, practical method of delivering technology to companies through SaaS (Software as a Service), where companies like Salesforce and Blue Jeans are able to offer their service in a subscription basis. However, it would not be practical if they have to invest in an office in every city in America just to accommodate the growth in the number of clients they can take on. But with the concept of eCommerce, Blue Jeans and other online companies are able to have customers sign-up online. They deliver their service online as well. It saves both parties a lot of time, manpower, and money.

Automation of transactions – Successful companies know that processes that can be automated should be automated. Not only does it make the business process easier, it also removes much of the possibility of human error. Imagine running a company whose target market is the whole continental US, with just a handful of people. If humans are the ones taking in subscriptions to the service, mistakes will be made no matter how careful your employees are. That is just human nature; after all, to err is human, right? But if you have an eCommerce site that automates all transactions, there is minimal chance for mistakes to be made. Aside from removing the element of human error, you also promote transparency because there will now be a record of every transaction made.

Easier payment collection – This is an extension of the previous benefit discussed. Another advantage of having an eCommerce site is that it makes payment collection so much easier. And it is not only about being able to charge instantly, it is also about collecting recurring payments possible. As said above, SaaS is all about delivering technology through subscription and that normally comes with regular payments from clients. Through eCommerce sites, businesses are able to automatically re-bill the customers and collect payments in a consistent basis. This is more convenient for both the business and the client.
Open round the clock – Since it is not a physical store, your eCommerce website can continue operations well beyond your usual business hours. No need to have people maintaining the store, the site works independently while you sit back and wait for profit to come in.

These are just some of the more obvious benefits of employing B2B eCommerce websites for your B2B company. However, having an eCommerce website does not guarantee success. If your competitors are employing the same strategy, which is most likely, then you would need to stand out. To help you do that, here are some trends in B2B marketing that you can leverage for your eCommerce site.

Product reviews are all the rage

More than case studies, reviews are proving to be the more valuable B2B tool that can bring more customers to your site, according to an article from While you cannot control what people will say about your product, you can encourage your current customers (who you are sure are satisfied with your product or service) to leave a review or two for your business. You can give them non-monetary gifts as additional motivation as well. Here’s a useful list of top 5 B2B directories where you can list your software.

800 numbers are still effective

Toll-free numbers, specifically an 800 number, is still effective in building trust with clients. While you may think that it is an antiquated business tool, having an 800 number in your page is still something that a lot of customers look for. They are not necessarily going to call you but having a number that they can call from anywhere in the US somewhat assuages their concern that you might not be a valid company, which you cannot really blame them for having. They are the ones who will be making payments over the Internet, after all, and they want as many assurances that your business is the real deal.

Blogs are still the way to go

There are many benefits to blogging. For one, it lets you establish yourself as an expert in the field that you are operating in. By doing this, you are also improving your credibility, which will also translate to your business. Another benefit you can get from a good blog is an effective lead generation strategy. Good blog content will attract people, and these people can be your next clients.

LinkedIn is the social media platform for B2B companies

While Facebook and Twitter have the sheer volume of users, LinkedIn remains as the top social media platform for B2B companies. After all, the people who matter in their own business are usually in LinkedIn. Brand and marketing campaigns in this social media platform should be more effective than doing a grand scale Facebook campaign.

In closing

If you are in a B2B business, especially if you are dealing with tech, eCommerce websites are no longer just a luxury; it is now a necessity. If you want to compete in the modern online B2B world, it is not even enough to just have an eCommerce site; you have to know how to separate it from your competitors as well. You may also want to read a bit more on the B2B digital marketing trends.

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